That is Messi for you; See Why Lionel Messi ignores the ball for the first few minutes of a game and will continue to do so


No wonder Lionel Messi is regarded as the greatest player of all time in the history of football with 5 Balon D’Ors to his name.

Messi does not only pay with his foots but uses his smartness to beat his opponents in any game.

Talking to The Financial Times in 2019, former Barcelona boss Ernesto Valverde said that a player ‘can’t think, he must play’ and explained why Leo Messi is the exception to the rule.

“As the game advances, he gets in little by little. But he knows perfectly where the rivals’ weaknesses are,” the former Barca manager said.

Quite the same explanation was once given by Man City boss Pep Guardiola, who worked with Messi for a few seasons.

The Catalan coach explained that Messi is often ‘x-raying’ the opposition to find their weak points before finally using them and scoring goals or creating chances.

Messi is often blamed for his ‘walking’ nature of play as he spends quite a considerable amount of time on the field taking random walks on the field.

Despite this, however, the Argentine remains the world’s best player for chances created and is still among Europe’s leading goalscorers – a true genius of the game.

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