The Amount Of Money Spent On 1Million Km Of Roads In Germany Is The Same Spent On 73,000 Km In Ghana, What’s Wrong With Us;Capt Smart Quizzes


All our roads are 73000 Kilometres here in Ghana according to captain Smart.

The entire road network in Germany is 1 million Kilometers.

The amount of money spent on Ghana’s roads for the past 20 years is equal to that of Germany.

The country Ghana really needs fixing. It seems the Politicians both past and current ones are really not living up to expectations according to concerned Ghanaians like captain Smart.

The vociferous morning show has opined that the nature of our bad roads is an health issue because when roads are fix there will be no accidents recorded and that will guaranteed safety on our roads. Speaking on his Smart TV station the journalist indicated that all of our roads are 73000Km.

There is a lot of money that can fix things in this country. Even there are dual carriages in Ivory Coast. If the whole road network of Ghana is put together we have 73000km.

The money that Germany has invested in their road networks of 1million Km is the same amount we have also invested for the past 20 years, yet still our roads remain in a deplorable state.

He concluded by saying ” if this is not foolishness, then what is it”.

You can watch the video below

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