“The Black Man Can Never Do What The White Man Can Do” – Archipalago Dragged In The Mud For Saying This.


Followers of Archipalago has gone hard on him for underestimating black people.

The American-based Ghanaian media personality, Archipalago, claimed to have been advising Twene Jonas to put a stop to his abusive words on Ghanaian leaders.

Twene Jonas, a Ghanaian living in the US who is mostly recognised on social media for verbally attacking Ghanaian leaders who he suggests they are the cause of the country’s downfall.

In one of his videos recently, the ‘glass nkoaa’ fame, went hard on some of the traditional leaders who are engaged in illegal mining (Galamsey).

After the video went viral, most Ghanaians has called him to order for disrespectfully attacking some innocent notable chiefs in Ghana.

Archipalago, who seems to be a fan of Twene Jonas, as he mostly posts his videos on Instagram, shared his disappointment in him for going to that extra length.

According to him, he has been advising Twene Jonas on several occasions but he refuses to pay heed.

As a way of proving himself right, Archipalago shared screenshots of his chat with Twene Jonas, advising him to minimize his abusive words on our leaders.

In his advice to Twene Jonas, he said something that did not go well with his followers.

He told him to stay away from the insults since black man can’t do what the white man can do. Such statement called for insults and disappointment from his followers on him.

“What an ignorant statement. We know that the Black man can’t do what the white man can do. You are a fool for this? Inferiority filled mind and you call yourself the leader of the youth. What a poor poor mindset.” An Instagram user commented.

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