The Black Man Loves To Do Sex More Because Of Economic Hardships Nothing Makes Him Happy; Captain Smart Reveals


Captain Smart Explains Why African Are Always Producing Children Anyhow

Speaking on his Smart TV station the renowned journalist expatiated on why the black man produces so much children yet still he is not happy.

Captain Smart opined that due to the African leader’s incompetence and weak policies, the citizens are not happy hence they have to indulge in sex to satisfy themselves.

He said when you are not happy, it weakens your immune system. Michel Samora of Mozambique once said “If my people are not happy, I can’t hire myself.”

The anti corruption campaigner touched on some research conducted which suggests that when people are not happy, they become violent.

African leaders love to chill when the masses are suffering. They travel to Dubai and enjoy with their families when the people are sad.

In his final remarks ” the black man is not happy and when you take them to entertainment halls, they become timid.”

You can watch the video below

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