The cost of one V8 can build a decent clinic for the people of Agordeke in Afram Plains North – A Plus Writes


Mr. Kwame Asare Obeng, A.K.A A Plus is well known for openly criticising siting government and there’s no doubt about it. Today, he posted a picture of a supposed hospital located at Agordeke, a fishing community, which used to be one of the busiest commercial communities in the Kwahu Afram Plains North in the Eastern Region.

“Welcome to Agordeke Hospital in Afram Plains North. This photo was takes some few days ago by a nurse who has been posted there.

I advice the people of this community to fix their attitude; stop the greed, hatred and selfishness so that government will spend the price of just one V8 to build a decent clinic post for them. #Nyametease #halfmanhalfbosom”

Clearly, A Plus is trying to send a message to the group who seem to be against #FixTheCountry agenda. This group of people on twitter have also started ranting with the hastags #FixYourself, #FixYourAttitude among others.

Looking at the condition of this health facility in a country like Ghana, it is very clear our leaders must wake up from their slumber.  The level of development in the country is slow yet, our leaders drive in expensive cars that can build a decent clinic for our people.

Read some reactions from some people who know this particular clinic on on Facebook

From these comments,  there are other clinics wosrt than this in some parts of the country.

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