‘The Fear of Doumbouya is the beginning of wisdom, as dictators’ – Watarra and Faure Eyadema have strengthened Security in Ivory Coast and Togo – reports


Unconfirmed reports from impeccable sources say military movement is now an extensiven occurrence in Togo and Ivory Coast following the overthrow of Alpha Conde in Guinea.

Togo’s Faure Gnassingbe Eyadema has ruled the country of 6million people after the death of his father, appeared not to take development in Guinea for granted.

Rumors say additional soldiers have been deployed in cities across Lome, according to anonymous sources this is a regular security movement witnessed in sometime pass.

Unknown Togolese security connoisseurs blamed the coup in Guinea as the justification for continual military movements. Explaining further he said the recent strengthening of COVID19 orders was done to give the military more powers to crack down on dissents.

However, it is important to confirm that it is speculated but the source of this information cannot be ascertained of the said military movement. Coincidentally in Ivory Coast, unknown sources alleged that the situation in Abidjan is serious.

Several security forces, who are mostly foreign combatants are defending one of the heavily guarded presidential palaces in West Africa.

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