The Genesis Of Slay Queen, Moesha Buodong; What Really Made Her Repent


Moesha Buodong, Kumasi breed, born on March 10th 1990 and completed University of Ghana is an actress and model who later sort daily bread in living the life of a rich slay queen. Moesha Buodong is known mostly for granting controversial interviews. One of such interviews that went viral was an interview she granted Christiana Amanpour of CNN on issues of love, sex and gender.

Circulating videos has seen Moesha Buodong in a church crying and declaring Jesus Christ as her Lord and personal saviour. This video drew several reactions from Ghanaians; while some believed she has repented, others believed she was only thirsting after trend.

A recent video circulating of her displays the then slay queen who stepped out in glamour sitting infront of an uncompleted building preaching against prostitution in ‘sofomaame clothings’

Again, a social user who claims to be related to the brother of the repented slay queen, Moesha Buodong has narrated what had caused her repentance. Below are shots of the narration:

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