The last words of Tupac on Religion that shocked the world before his untimely death


Tupac Shakur may be no longer alive, but his ideas are still important in today’s world. Many people were perplexed by his religious views and labeled him a bigot, yet the majority of these detractors do not comprehend the distinction between religion and spirituality.

Tupac believed in God, but he considered religion as a huge conspiracy devised by a few people to subjugate the masses, which explains his constant attacks on the concept and repeated attempts to awaken people from their slumber. Tupac revealed his basic viewpoint on religion in an interview captured in the video below.

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He declared unequivocally that his concept of religion is that if you take one of the O’s out of the word Good, you get God, and if you add a D to Evil, you get the Devil. “Some cool motherfckers said long time ago, let’s figure out a means to control motherfckers, and that’s what they came up with, it’s the bible, and so on,” he explained. […] There would have been a corrected edition if the bible was authentic.”

The man who is regarded as one of the most influential rappers in history believes that the religion is one of society’s problems. He believes that our societies would be a better place if churches returned half of the money they make from the public to the various communities. “If they took half of the buildings they use to celebrate God and gave it to the motherf*ckers (homeless people) who need God, we’d be ‘aight,” he continued.

“I believe God blesses those that hustle, those who use their minds, and those who are basically righteous,” the rapper said, reiterating his belief in hard work and karma. I think that your karma, or negative deeds, come back to haunt you. So I’ll have to suffer for whatever I do that’s bad, but I know in my heart that what I’m doing is right, you know what I mean, so I feel like I’m going to heaven.”

Watch the video below;

Tupac Interview on region and his belief in God.

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