The mind blowing reason Cristiano Ronaldo and Real Madrid Stars snub Michael Essien’s Birthday invitation


Did you know that In 2012, Ghanaian midfielder Michael Essien invited all his Real Madrid teammates to his 30th birthday party but only two showed up? Get a chilled drink, Relax and let’s tell you what actually happened.

Real Madrids 2012/2013 season led by the Self Titled special one Jose Mourinho is better not talked about due to the negativity that took them trophy-less at the end of the campaign.

The coach himself clashed on several occasions with influential players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Sergio Ramos, Mesut Ozil and of course the infamous spat with club captain Iker Casillas.

For the man in charge himself to have public outbursts with senior figures whom he would be counting on to give him results should already tell you how toxic the situation was in the Spanish capital but that actually didn’t come clear until the night of Michael Essien’s 30 birthday.

After struggling to get some minutes under Roberto Di Mateo during his final days as a Chelsea player battling multiple injuries, Michael Essien secured a Loan move to Real Madrid in August 2012 to reunite with former boss Jose Mourinho whom he has always referred to as his Father.

His loan move was later made permanent and fast Fast forward December 3 has arrived which happens to be Michael Essien’s birthday. As a player who believes he has found a new home and family, he invited all his teammates to his birthday party.

Sadly, only two of them Turned up. Yes Cristiano Ronaldo and co snubbed his party and only Luka Modric and his former teammate at Chelsea Ricardo Carvalho came to party with him.

Despite the disappointment, The Ghanaian still put on a smiling face showing appreciation to his two teammates who at least came to show him love but deep inside him, he was hurt and Mourinho has to come and console him.

Luka Modric and Ricardo Carvalho at Essien’s birthday party

Taking his man management skills to the next level, Mourinho explained to Essien the fact his teammates didn’t turn up doesn’t mean they don’t like him but it’s because they are of their own interests and probably engaged in doing something else.

But hey Mourinho’s explanation is just a strategic means used by a father to cull down his son’s boiling temper but the main issue could actually be that Most of this big stars are not comfortable with fact that The Hardworking midfielder is Mourinho’s favorite.

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