The new Wendy Shay


Popular award-winning songstress of Ghanaian descent Wendy Shay has without a doubt been one of the most dragged female artists on social media.

Starting from her entry into the Ghanaian music business rather unfortunately after the ill death of the 90’s bad girl Ebony reigns, Wendy Shay has been accused by staunch fans of the deceased as an impersonator.

She has been accused of imitating every single thing the former does in regards to her dress-up game, tone, and lyrics. This however didn’t go undisputed. The Shayning star ceased every opportunity to clear her name.

As the years went by, she has been able to stand her feet and got Ghanaians to gradually accept her and has a lot of fans whom are called the shaygang.

Today marking the start of a new month, Wendy Shay deleted all pictures on her Instagram page and reposted a single one in a new look with a precise message “The new Wendy Shay.” She comes off as a blonde-haired lady in locs.

Her new look has a striking resemblance to that of Ebony reigns whom she has been accused of trying to imitate.

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