“The people made you Kings so why can’t they criticize you?” – Blakk Rasta


Black Rasta on his programme “The Black Pot” on Zylophone fm 102.1 today touched on many uprising issues in the news.

Blakk Rasta is well known for constructively criticising government for their inability to account for resources entrusted in their care for developing our motherland Ghana. An agenda which landed him in Parliament few years ago to answer questions on his claim that some Parliamentarians smoke marijuana.

On his show today on Zylophone fm, he touched on so many headlines in the news. Among these headlines, we want to draw your attention to the most trending which has to do with why we cannot criticize our Kings.  He had this to say:

“Until we learn to criticislze and get things become better like it’s happening in England, here. The Prince and his wife, they are criticised day and night, the Queen of England goes through criticism night and day, Obama went through criticism,  Joe Biden goes through criticism but we live in a country where all our Chiefs and Queens are untouchable. “

“Who made you Kings anywhere? Is it not the people? Why can’t they criticisze? They voted you into a demigod status right? Let the country develop.”

He added that, ” Yes, we must respect our Kings and chiefs, we must respect people in authority because they are sacrificing extra but in our country,  chiefs and Kings, people in authority don’t sacrifice. They rather make us(their subjects) the sacrifice”

Blakk Rasta asserted that “there are some tribal and political bigots who still stand by this. They will stand by their village Chiefs and betray the whole nation.”

“Where’s the spirit of patriotism ?”, Blakk Rasta questioned. “You go and stand by your village chiefs and pick alms against the whole nation. We have not grown to that level where common sense is supposed to be common. We have a long way to go but it begins now”.

Watch the full video here:

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