“The Police man gave me four rounds of hot sex before opening the gate for me.” – lady who escaped from cells explains


The woman who is involved in the popular ‘sex for prison break’ scandal has revealed that the officer on duty, Lance Corporal Isaac Apomah demanded four solid rounds of sex before he permitted her to flee from prison.

The girl, Theresa Forson divulged this to journalists after she was re-apprehended when she tried to purchase cigarettes in the community. Interrogation of the young woman revealed she was buying packs of cigarettes to transact business and use the profit to cater for her kid.

According to Nyansapo Timothy, he asserted to Angel News that Theresa, who had fled from police cells in Nkanfoa, in the Central Region was transported back to the prisons and will stand before the court again awaiting another prosecution.

Lance Corporal Isaac Apomah, sneaked nichodemously and approached the inmate and implored that if she permitted him to have an affair with her, he will support in her breakout. The lady agreed and immediately succumbed and enabled him to have sexual copulation without everyone knowing.

The young Corporal Apomah unlocked the gate for her to flee after everything was finished. When she returned home, her family members were skeptical of her freedom and enquired from her as to how she escaped.

The lady continued to report everything that had transpired but her family, worrying to accommodate an outlaw in their house, called the police to re-arrest her.

Source: cbgist.com

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