The Process for the Implementation of the Free Visa to Dubai has not been Completed Yet, Ghana’s Embassy in Abu Dhabi sends a caution statement to Ghanaian travelers to Dubai


Following an earlier report that Ghana’s parliament has approved a Memorandum of Understanding bill to allow Ghanaians travel to Gulf State; United Arab Emirates without Visas, Ghana’s embassy in Abu Dhabi  has reacted.

In their release, the embassy suggested that even though parliament has approved the bill for Ghanaians to have a visa free to enter Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the processes has not been completed yet.

They have edged the general public to be on alert and keep touch with the embassy as all other follow ups will duly be updated.

Social media was thrown in frenzy when an earlier reports captured Dubai as one of the countries Ghanaians can travel to for a 90 day period without visa.

The Middle East state has become a tourist destination for many Ghanaian travelers who go on vacation and holiday trips there.

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