“The Shorter Your Sleep, The Shorter Your Life So Sleep” – Kennedy Osei Officially Turns Sleep Ambassador


Kennedy Osei woke up and chose sleep! After his father’s sleepless nights from selling cassettes and hustling to become a Ghanaian millionaire, Ken says we should sleep.

According to the son of Dr Osei Kwame Despite, a deep sleep is nonnegotiable against the odds that sleep if for the weak. The father of twin girls, ADOM and NHYIRA, is backing his campaign with biological reasons.

Despite the fact that sleep can’t buy a kidney or pay for good health care, Ken is emphasizing that sleep enhances brain functioning and it is also an immune booster that promotes long life.

“Team No Sleep!
Sleep 8hour a day and that’s 1/3 of your life.
Lazy people sleep at night.
Sleep is for the weak! Etc

Most people including myself have been victims of sharing the above statements as some sort of motivation. However, Having a deep and sound sleep is a non negotiable biological necessity and not an optional life style luxury.

The shorter your SLEEP, The Shorter your LIFE! Lack of Sleep is a source of aging and decline in the proper functioning of the brain. Sleep is a source of immune booster and a natural developing factor for every living organism.

Make the most out of your working hours and acquire a GOOD & SOUND SLEEP”

Well, if we are in Ken shoes with a Tracy by our side, we will choose sleep too, till then we go sell cassettes 24/7 for our children to sleep too.

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