“The system is rigged so Create your own path” Kwadwo Sheldon’s advice to Ghanaians


There’s a massive protest happening on Social media over Governments inability to make the country a better place to be.

According to many, Ghana is in a total mess with Bad roads, Poor drinking water, power outage and lack of proper education facilities in most villages. The high level of Graduate unemployment even makes thing worse.

But one particular person who is not interested in all the social media rants to force Government into fixing the country is Kwadwo Sheldon.

The YouTuber sets himself as an example with the belief becoming comfortable in Ghana is beyond just Government interventions because he might have aswell found him jobless by now if he were not to create anything for himself.

He went on to advise everyone to take the same path in creating something for themselves while admitting the System is rigged and not worth trusting.

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