The world is a terrible place: Check what a lady did to her new born baby that is causing a lot of pain


The world we are in is full of strange things that happens everyday around us. A shocking discovery was made in a forest where a new born baby was dumped in the lonely bush. It was reported that in this forest the mom gave up the baby, who was later saved by a passerby.

While reacting to the mother’s action, people have warned of the wrath of God coming to hit the wicked woman for performing such a wicked act.

The people of Kotre number one in Berekum, Sunyani in the Bono region woke up in the morning to witness this sudden incident in the locality.

The sad incident happened when a day-old baby was found responding to life in the bush and an uncomfortable environment.

We all know that in Ghanaian society, children are cherished most especially after marriage, but the mother of this baby could not regard this baby.

Having no sympathy for this toddler, She wrapped the baby in white clothe and dumped him in a bush.

People living in the community in a discussion with the media believed that the inhuman mother who committed such an act will not be a stranger and will live in the same community or not far away from them.

Our ladies are hereby advised not to engage in an act that will bring unwanted pregnancy especially when you are not ready.

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