There are no levels of sin, stop attacking LGBT people; Prophet Kusi Boateng advises


Many are hoping parliament experdite action on the LGBTQ bill and pass it into law. The import of the bill is simply to discourage any form of advocacy and promotion of LGBTQ in this country.

Nobody hates gays and lesbians. Some of us lives and dines with them. Some are even family relations we love and cherish so much. We don’t judge them, but they also know we don’t subscribe to their sexual orientation.

If you want to engage in the act, do it in your closet and nobody will even notice to worry you. What we won’t accept however is the public show of it and how the surrogates of LGBTQ are so eager to push their agenda down our throat as a country.

If you feel some aspects of the bill is not well thought through, advance your argument on it devoid of insults. If you have the right to support and advocate for LGBTQ, others also have the right to speak against it. In the end, it is the majority that wins.

Also if the western world believes no science and common sense supports Polygamy hence they have criminalized it, then we also believe no science and common sense supports LGBTQ hence we are criminalizing it.

Some preacher men are not happy about gays and lesbians but the founder and General Overseer of Power Chapel Worldwide, Prophet Victor Kusi Boateng, explains that Ghanaians should express love towards members of the LGBTQ community and stop targeting them.

Per his observation, sins has no classification, and those against this foreign practice  should find a better channel to defeat their ideologies than to attack them.

In an interview granted to Nana Aba Anamoah on Starr chat, the prominent preacher opined “I don’t think there are levels of sin. I am not endorsing the act, I don’t hate them. Some people are drunkards some are armed robbers and they are living so we should allow them to live and find a way to win them to Christ”.

He concluded by entreating Christians to demonstrate the live of Christ in order to win them to their side. They (the LGBT community) deserve to be accepted just like drunkards and armed robbers because they are humans too.

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