“There’s no power in the Bible, it’s just a history book” – Osofo Kyiri Abosom


Pastor cum politician, Kyiri Abosom has said that the Bible that contains the word if God is just another history book.

The Bible is said by many to have been a weapon for them and they trust not only the words in it but the entire book.

This is to an extent that when people are troubled in one or two ways, all they do is grab the Bible in their hands in attempt to scare anything that is attacking them.

But according to Kyiri Abosom The book itself has no power in it as people perceive.

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Supporting his argument, He explained that it is humans who rather have the power since they can rewrite the Bible whenever they want to.

The Bible has no power; it is humans who have power.” The Bible is not God’s word; it is simply a collection of historical accounts. You’re creating a new bible every time you hear a voice telling you to do something. ” In twi, he explained.

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