These are the loyal soldiers of Alpha Conde killed in the coup whiles defending him


Soldiers who died during the coup in Guinea last Sunday.

These are the young men who lost their lives last Sunday in Guinea in an attempt to protect President Alpha Conde. The young soldiers risked more than they bargained for. Sometimes the question asked is whether they were protecting the interest of one man or the nation? What a waste of life!

These are the six Guinea soldiers so far whom were killed during the recent coup d’ta in Guinea. They fought back at the Guinean  special forces who led the coup, headed by the junta leader Col. Mamady Doumbuya. This occurred on the 5th of September 2021, Sunday.

As we stand, the president of Guinea Conakry, professor Alpha Conde has been overthrown by the junta commander Col. Mamady Doumbuya. Just a few days back, Guinean President Alpha Conde authorized Parliament to pass a Bill to increase his salary while decreasing salaries of civil servants including a reduction in incomes of military administrators and other combatants.

The problem is Alpha Conde is our fair-weather West African friend the 82-year old President who wouldn’t listen to wise counsel like his counterparts elsewhere in the subregion.

As his own presidential guards appear to have overthrown him Sunday morning, if the coup succeeds, he’d be lucky to come out alive. Diplomatic sources claim his health has also been failing him in recent times.

Last year, he opposed the original constitutional provision to extend his 2 terms to 3 and he stole the election. When people protested, he released the security services on them and several people were killed or injured.

The irony is that he was once an opposition activist who campaigned against such undemocratic behaviour in the past when he was looking for power. In short, he refused to listen to wise counsel and the seeming coup d’etat in Guinea right now is because he refused to learn from the chequered political history of his country.

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