They need the salary; Allotey Jacobs supports President’s wives huge salaries


For now, it is established that Ghana’s first and second ladies will receive monthly salaries. The issue has generated a lot of controversies among the populace with almost everyone expressing their opinions about it.

Whilst some have described it as a good move, others believe it will be a drain on the public purse and was not important.

The former Central Regional Chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Mr. Allotey Jacobs is the latest to add his voice to the entire brouhaha.

Speaking in an interview with Philip Osei Bonsu, Mr. Allotey Jacobs indicated that monkeys play by sizes and as such it is incumbent of those criticizing the move to go back and read the history of all first ladies in the country before concluding.

He indicates that the politicians are aware of the truth but have decided to keep mute and behave as if Akufu Addo is the only president to have taken such a decision.

The wives of the President and his Vice have been playing several roles to assist their husbands. Mostly, they are sent on national assignments on behalf of their husbands. Due to their positions, the first and second ladies have huge responsibilities where they assist the needy through various means.

They have been in the news on several instances donating items to support communities and institutions. But has anyone asked where they get the monies from?

Mr. Allotey Jacobs believe that they are suffering and it is about time they are rewarded. He added that all living first ladies are still receiving allowances behind the scenes but this government decided to make it public. “This monthly salaries the first ladies might not even use it for themselves, all the past take monthly allowances”. He noted.

According to him, such issues must not even be a discussion in the public domain because nobody is innocent. “Monkeys play by sizes we must all respect ourselves and know that these first ladies have huge tasks on them and need the salaries”.

The welfare of the first ladies must be paramount to the entire nation. Throughout their movements, these first ladies take risks and need these salaries to assist their expenses. They work for the country and it will not be out of place to pen down their names on the payroll of the government.

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