Thief hands himself over to police after stolen bag refused to leave his head.


The story of a Thief who hands himself to the police after a stolen bag refused to leave his head happened in Tanzania not Volta Region as reported by some media houses .

Read full story below;

A thief in Tanzania handed himself over to police after a bag he stole from an old woman got stuck on his head and couldn’t be put down.

The man, identified as Frank Buhet, grabbed the heavy sac belonging to an old woman and made for his home.

However, when he got home, he couldn’t bring it down from his head try as he may.

He tried several means to bring the bag down, even lying on the floor but it stayed put. When nothing worked, he decided to surrender to the police.

When he arrived at the police station and confessed to his crimes, the bag still wouldn’t come off his head. It is believed the only way he will be freed is if the old woman forgives him. He is hoping the police would help him track down the old woman so she can undo the spell.


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