Thief receives the beatings of his life from victim after unsuccessful operation


A thief who went on his usual operation but failed this time around has been given some serious slaps by his victim.

The young man who has decided not to engage himself into any hard work but take what belongs to others is currently in police custody after he was caught stealing from a certain woman.

While in Police custody, he may even be thanking God police personnels rushed to the scene on time to rescue him from the angry victim and others around the location looking at the heated manner the beating was about to go before their intervention.

A video from the scene shows the victim, a woman giving the said thief slaps upon slaps with her two hands at a faster pace like an in form Azumah Nelson, even after police intervention, The woman just ain’t ready to stop throwing her hands at all.

This is not the first time something like this is happening especially in Accra where cases of theft are increasing each and everyday.

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