‘This HIV/AIDs has brought me so much pain’ – Joyce Dzidzor Mensah, HIV/AIDs ambassador cries out after another guy disturbs her


More often than not, discrimination and bullying happens because of insufficient awareness and education. We must start now, let us spread awareness and teach our community about HIV/AIDS to prevent it from spreading and infecting more.

We should also support and protect those who are suffering from it. Nelson Mandela once said “Many people suffering from AIDS, and not killed by the disease itself, are killed by the stigma surrounding everybody who has HIV and AIDS,” Let us stand in solidarity and break the stigma, be educated, and fight HIV/AIDS!

Joyce Dzidzor Mensah, Ghana’s HIV/AIDs ambassador recently has being in the news and bemoaning the stigma she encounters on a daily basis. The HIV positive mother lamented on social media how Authorities took her daughter away from her few days ago and also the stigma from people which really disturbs her.

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Fast forward today, the lady is still in pains when she posted on social media that a certain guy is disturbing her with marriage proposals. And this guy is disturbing her. She wrote “A lot of men are sending me photos including photos of some long, short and big things asking to marry me. And this man here also disturbing me with video calls says he loves me and he wants to marry me. Oh this HIV has brought me so much pain.”

There is a lot of stigma and suffering in silence, let’s normalize talking about HIV treatment and care at home. Check in and support friends, family and loved ones who are on HIV treatment. Let us be their human alarm call to remind them to take their medication on time and check on how they are coping with treatment and their mental well-being. 

Our silence is the missing piece in providing effective support that ensures our loved ones on HIV medication continue to take their medicines correctly and consistently inorder to attain suppression of the virus. HIV is a manageable condition. Global solidarity, shared responsibility.

Below is her post on Facebook

Source: cbgist.com

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