This Is How Ex. President Mahama’s Brother Ibrahim Mahama Likes To Play On A Normal Night With His Bike


Mr Ibrahim Mahama who happens to be the brother of former President John Mahama is among the richest people in Ghana.

The 50 year old owns a number of multinational companies such as Engineers and Planners a renowned mining company and almost operated Dzata Cement.

He have investments in a number of sectors and love super machines.

In a video of Mr Ibrahim Mahama, was seen giving a test ride to what looks like a newly acquired super bike.

He spent few seconds displaying how good a rider he could be on he highway.

A quick glance in the house at which he was riding shows a number of Sports Utility Vehicles notably Toyota Land Cruisers parked in the yard.

He’s got a number of equally expensive cars which he hardly displays.

His Dzata Cement a factory which is expected to go into full production are putting things in place to hit the Ghanaian market.

It is a fully owned Ghanaian company and was constructed with 100 million dollars.


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