This is not what happens when you repent, Counsellor Lutterodt says there could be something psychological wrong with Moesha


Counselor George Lutterodt has added his voice to the Moesha Boduong issues saying there could be more to her conduct than just repenting.

In a discussion with Kofi Adomah, the controversial Counselor said when a person repent its the heart which has repented and not his or her physical body.

As such, for Moesha to be reportedly selling her stuff and looking unkept means there is more to the issues.

He admonished pastors who lead people to repentance to stop stressing them and forcing them to lead a certain life.

He questioned the type of sin Moesha could be possibly committing that would be unpardonable to take her to hell.

Issues of Moesha Boduong repenting has been dragged for days now with people asking questions on her mental health among others.

Kindly watch the video below

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