This is the country where men also breastfeed their babies; God is wonderful


With the advent of technological advancement, many of these devices are designed to make life more easier and convenient. Life without technology would be unimaginable.

A Tech company known as Dentsu which is a Japanese firm has assembled an equipment that is designed in the form of a bra to enable fathers to breastfeed their infants.

Displayed at the South by Southwest Conference and festivals in Austin, Texas, the device comes in the shape of a bra in which we can combine a bottle of milk and mimic the front of the men.

The motive of this incredible invention intends to restore equivalence between fathers and mothers. Breastfeeding is somewhat seen as a Herculean task, the purpose is to strive to decrease the burden on mothers and improve the abundance of sleep for newborns by authorizing dads to breastfeed.

The device was constructed from a real front side of women and each front aspect has a particular function. A primary front side will be used to contain the milk and the other will be fitted with a silicone to authorize the infant to sip.

The device is a combination of technology since it also produces warmth to mimic that of the mother’s body and allow the baby to take a nap quietly in his father’s arms.

It can also tremble to generate sleep and has detectors that will trace the baby’s attitude while breastfeeding. The data will again be sent to a smartphone and can be sighted from an app to the father.

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