This soldier kneeling down to shoot is an NPP soldier, these are NPP boys in military and police uniform; Captain Smart shows the true identity of security men


Godsbrain Blessed Smart popularly known as captain smart has made some serious revelations about the security personnel who shot and killed two with others injured

Kaaka witnessed, tasted, experienced and felt the ills of society and decided to join other progressives to fight against it. His ultimate aim was to build a just society for he youth as he could no longer sit aloof to see the future of youth robbed by a few.

He stood for something and had to pay the ultimate price for it – death. He was killed for openly crusading against some of things we say in silence. He died a HERO. There cannot be any opportune time to intensify this fight and win it in memory of Kaaka.

His tragic death should NEVER dumpen our spirit but ignite the revolutionary consciousness in us to do what our forefathers did in the past to RESCUE this country.

Onua Tv’s top notch presenter Captain Smart has once again launched a full scale accusation against the security services and their poor way of handling issues.

Speaking on his live morning show program, the anti corruption campaigner opined that “Let our minds work, these are NPP Soldiers and Policemen. When NPP is in power they tell their MP’s to bring their party boys into the security services

NPP is in power and they have never advertised recruitment vacancies yet still almost everyday people pass out. Who are those recruited are they not party boys? This soldier kneeling down to shoot is an NPP soldier.

This is not a security officer and he us not well trained. He is a party boy and when headcount is done by the NPP when they are in power, they do show those brought into the security services. Nana Addo brought this and Bawumia also brought that.

NDC also does the same when they are in power, this was brought by Mahama and that was brought by Amissah Arthur.”

You can watch the full video below

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