Thousands Of Congolese Evacuated As Volcano Erupts.


Volcano eruption has forced thousands of Congolese to flee from their residence to a nearby border in Rwanda.

According to Rwanda’s Emergency Management Ministry, about 8,000 Congolese crossed into the borders of Rwanda seeking for refuge after volcano erupted on the Mount Nyiragongo.

Online reports shows that, an average of 500 houses were destroyed by the deadly eruption as 15 people lost their lives.

Most people had to flee to Rwanda during the overnight eruption of Mount Nyiragongo and returned back to Goma, one of the major cities in Congo.

The sad incidence is reported to had happened on Saturday, 22nd May.

However, the last major volcano eruption happened in 2002, killing 250 people with thousands displaced.

Some of the residents affected by the natural phenomenon spoke with CNN as they plea for help and support.

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