Three months ultimatum: Can Afia Schwarzenegger bring Twene Jonas to Ghana?


The clock ticks towards the three months ultimatum given by controversial comedian, Afia Schwarzenegger to cause the deportation of US based social commentator, Twene Jonas.

The two controversial characters have till date been locked in a social media feud which started after Afia Schwarzenegger took a subtle jab at Twene Jonas over his fierce criticism of Ghanaian leaders, of which he retaliated with heavy punchlines.

For the past few days, Ghanaians have witnessed vile exchange of words between the two; an occurrence which could be likened unto a verbal war. The feud degenerated to an extent that, personal attacks were implored by both parties.

In the midst of the media conflict, Afia Schwarzenegger made a video, declaring publicly that she has reported Twene Jonas to the American Embassy to be deported within a period of three months.

According to her, the basis for reporting the social commentator centers mainly on his alleged verbal attacks on the President, national chief Imam, the Ashanti and his show of affluence on social media.

All these allegations were denied by the commentator and his large number of enthusiasts who consider his approach which largely consist of ridiculous comments, comparing the prospects of America to the developmental failures of Ghana as the “only way to get the attention of Ghanaian leaders to do the right thing.”

Affront the supposed reports filed by his feuding partner for his deportation, Twene Jonas is not perturbed. To rather stir up matters, he calls bluffs in blatant disregard for the threats of deportation. According to him, Afia Schwarzenegger who he has nicknamed “fufu funu” does not have what it takes to cause his deportation.

The issue of whether the above-mentioned reasons constitute enough basis for his deportation lies in the seriousness the embassy will attach to the report filed and the test of time which keeps ticking to the end. What do you think?

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