Tiwa Savage allegedly loses 4(Four) endorsements over her leaked sex tape.


Tiwa savage is not an angel everyone can has sex,sex  is natural thing  just that unfortunately the video leak out even the video is not clear you can’t even see her pussy clearly is short video.

Everyone can fall victim of such thing, my advice is that just be wise as a lady that thing is private that why God hide the two private part both male and female so there is no need for you to video your self when you are having sex with your partner anything can happen be wise.

She’s a brave woman by owning up to her mistakes and she had radio interview in which she outrightly said everything about it even before the video came out and everything she said was everything in the video. We all make mistakes and she was vulnerable too, it’s her private life, please let’s respect her.

She had made statements before and after the video tape and all her statements well prove that she is the person in the video and the worst was that she protected her man in this matter than even the leakage of the video going viral.

That’s the most shameful part of it all,and since then she acts as if its no big deal,and these companies that endorsed her are owned by people of good reputation in the society, and it makes no sense for them to condole with such an act.

But unfortunately, the Nigerian Pop Star has allegedly lost 4(Four) endorsements over her leaked sex tape. The brands that allegedly drops  Savage are Cadbury, Pampers, Globacom, etc, .

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