Tour of Air Drake; Inside video of Drake’s first class private jet


If luxury can be described by sight then American Rapper Drake’s Private jet best suit what luxury should be

A video of Drake riding in style at 35,000 feet in the air these days inside the confines of his luxurious Air Drake private jet, which cost a whopping 185 million dollars.

The new video surfaced on Monday (June 14) featuring an inside look at the plush amenities of the jet

The Boeing 767 plans which is fully carpeted and includes cozy sofa seats with extra legroom, velvet couches to lay down on, a TV and a card game going on over on one of the tables.

Truly, the interior of the jet does not even feel like you’re on a plane rather than being in the lounge of a five-star hotel on some expensive island.

The Boeing 767 plane fits over 30 people comfortably and Drake’s idea came to life in 2019 thanks to some help from Canadian-based air company CargoJets.

The multiple award winning musician is truly enjoying life from his hard work.

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