Truly what has the Akuffo Addo government achieved; Popular Pan African TV host Quizzes


Many Ghanaian have called into question what this Nana Addo led Bawumia administration has done for them.

In the entire 8yrs of the NDC administration, the envelope of resources that came to the administration stood at Ghc 248 billion.

In 8yrs. From 2017 till date, the envelope of resources to this Akuffo Addo administration is close to Ghc 208 billion.Yes less than 4yrs.

Revenue from the oil fields is estimated at Ghc 12 billion. No administration has received such resources from oil. The Energy Sector Levies Act has yielded over Ghc 6 billion.

This administration has borrowed close to Ghc 200 billion from 2017 till date. So more resources has come to this administration than any other administration from Nkrumah.

The cost of free shs so far is a little over Ghc 4 billion. We have had about Ghc 12 billion from oil revenues only. So even take the Ghc 4 billion cost of free shs from the revenues from oil.
Add all the social interventions and their cost.

What capital investments do we have under this administration?
How many hospitals? How many schools? How roads?

Nana Addo is investing in the stomachs of his bloated government of family and friends.
This administration is just about CONSUMPTION.
Another 3yrs more for Nana Addo will be tough for this beautiful country.

The Pan African Television host and presenter Kwame Owusu Danso has enquired what really this government has done in this whole period of governing.

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