Twene Jonas Declared Wanted By Muslims For Allegedly Insulting Prophet Muhammed


-The Post said Twene Jonas Insulted Prophet Muhammed and Muslim

-Weeks ago, some Akans also declared him wanted for insulting Otumfuo

A post making round on social media suggest some Muslims have declared Twene Jonas wanted.

According to the flyer Jonas had said things about Prophet Muhammed and Muslims in Ghana and across the globe and they are not happy about it.

It is unclear what he said exactly about Prophet Muhammed but Twene Jonas have been hard on religious, traditional and political leadership in Ghana for failing the masses.

Before this new wanted declaration, he was equally declared wanted by some Akans in the United States of America for allegedly insulting Otumfuo.

That matter didn’t go anywhere and we can’t tell what will happen to this new one.

But Twene Jonas has maintained that, not until there is transformation in Ghana, he will not stop telling the bitter truth even if it means using distasteful words.

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