Twene Jonas Has To Be Careful; Avram Ben Moshe Strongly Advise As Muslims Put Him On Wanted List


Muslims have declared Twene Jonas wanted

They deemed his rantings as insults to their religion and prophet

Avram Ben Moshe strongly advises Twene to stop the insults

Avram Ben Moshe the founder and leader of common sense family has strongly advised his fellow anti corruption campaigner, Twene Jonas to eschew the habit of insulting which has serious consequences for him.

The two gentlemen are both fighting for the cause of the youth who have been neglected by various government for far too long. The plight of the youth must be addressed.

Until the concerns of the masses is addressed, the rantings won’t stop. Avram has praised him and advised him to be constructive in His criticisms. He has however advised him to shun insulting people or else they will target him.

He continued by saying should Twene Jonas be arrested his followers won’t be able to set him free, hence he should be cautious.

This advice comes after the Muslim community put Twene Jonas name on a wanted list.

You can watch the video below

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