Twene Jonas’ Next move after Achipalago put him in danger by revealing his Location in the US


The name Twene Jonas has become a common name in the Ghanaian Social media scene after he gradually established himself as a social media sensation known for his aggressive criticism of Government.

The young man despite being born in Ghana is currently residing in the US and has single handedly waken up the youths with several videos comparing the level of developments ongoing in the United States to how much citizens are suffering in his native country Ghana.

His sole aim of doing this is to send a statement to Government officials and everyone involved in playing a role in developing Ghana. However, he has been accused of doing so with insults.

Below is one of his aggressive rants where he described the Nation leaders as fools.

Even though it’s something he has been doing for a while now, it has not been as intense as recently and he seems to face lots of backlashes following his rant on the Asantehene and some highly respected Chiefs. A situation that has led to some Chiefs located in Bechem reportedly taking to a shrine to place a curse on him.

No doubt what Jonas is doing is one hell of a risky one that his location needs to be left unknown to the public considering the high level of murder cases associated to the kind of advocacy he is into.

However, Achipalago has made it so easy for anyone interested in Knowing Twene Jonas’ Location in the United States after revealing to the public where exactly he resides. A situation that has put him in severe danger.

Netizens Blasts Archipalago For Exposing Twene Jonas Location In The US.

As it stands now, the curse placed on Jonas might not even be his biggest problem but the fact his location has been exposed is what he really should be much worried about at the moment.

Talking about what his next move should be, it is advisable for Twene Jonas to relocate from his current residence to a new place to avoid any form of attack from the people he has been accused of insulting.

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