Twin brothers married to the same wife: God must come down


Polyamorous people have multiple loving, intentional, and intimate relationships at the same time. Polyamory specifically refers to people who have multiple romantic relationships at the same time. It does not mean any type of open relationship that may include more casual sexual partners

Here’s two brothers who are twins, signifying they have the same birthday. Surprisingly, that’s not just the aspect they share because they also have the same wife, and they have been residing jointly for the past two years.

Notwithstanding criticisms from village folks, they are bent on doing the unthinkable and have stated that they love each other.

Marie Josiane has consented to be the wife to these twins who are her husband. Shockingly, the wife of twins has expressed her profound love for them. She initially fell in love with one of the twin but mistook the second one as her lover.

Subsequently, she fell in love with the junior twin and showed the same love she does to the elder. The two are finally hers and she is in love with both.

Josiane’s deep affection for the two has made it impossible to differentiate between her lovers. They all worship her so greatly that none of them have ever decided to intimidate or force a way out. They then conceded to adore and get unite to this woman. They indicated in their relationship that three isn’t a lot.

The families had no extra alternative than to adore it and allow them get wedded. They said they are not envious of each other and they  themselves decides who sleeps with the wife, that was sorted the moment they realised they are marrying one woman. They love each other and there is no kind of contest between the two. They are wedded for two years presently and are still delighted together.

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