Twin sisters celebrate their 100th birthday, reveals drinking beer helps you live longer


To live for a century obviously is no joke Given that turning 100 years is not an easy milestone, Prince county came together to celebrate the 100th birthday of Twins;Evelyn Lowe and Elaine Foster, who were both born in 1921.

Residents of Prince George’s county mounted decorations and posters on their cars with birthday wishes for the centenarians.

The twins attribute their long life to good genes – their mother died aged 103 – a positive attitude, and a healthy lifestyle.

One of them also added another interesting revelation, that alcohol has had a role to play in their age.

“Drinking beer and sangria helps you healthy and live longer.”

It is also impressive to note that even at 100 years old, Evelyn and Elaine are quite tech-savvy.

Both use iPhones and can comfortably operate computers for online transactions as well as playing games.

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