Two gorgeous gay ladies wed because of what men did to them


Do you think same sex marriage should be allowed in our society? Your opinion matters a
Growing up, we were warned to be careful of women. In our time, we have to start telling our kids to watch our for both men and women simply because of LGBT. In fact, we should be excited when our male kids are more drawn towards women at their tender age.

Those who want to be gays won’t be gays alone oo, they will make advances towards our kids. The most vulnerable are going to be kids from poor homes. It’s not just about one person’s right, it has a broad impact on society.

Of the many issues many have with same sex marriage/relationships, this tops then all: Two ladies, both of them don’t desire men, you want solace from like polls which common sense and science says repel. Fine, not really fine but let me just says fine, but why should one of the women dress like a man, act like a man and be the man in the relationship when both of you have sworn that for men, it’s a lie.

Why do gays try to play male and female roles when they accepted each other based on their so called collective preference for same sex partners. It doesn’t make sense one bit. It means there is always an inherent desire for the opposite sex crowded by nonsense.

If not, many don’t get it. If two boys decide to overlook all the beautiful girls and find pleasure in each other, one should not act as the gender they overlooked.

The Human race has now been closed to civilization which is bizarre to such an extent that being gay is now an accepted norm. It’s unbelievable how we see many men getting wedded to their fellow companions while women are also getting wedded to their female partners.

These two gorgeous ladies proceeded to get wedded in a glamorous court marriage which was organized in a court without many lovers and friends attending.

It was published that both of them understood that they had similar liberties like males, so they agreed on to marry. Rumors furthermore revealed that both of them formerly tied the knot to men and were jilted in their last relationships, hence their decision to get wedded to each other so as to prevent another agony from male relationship.

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