Motorbike Thief caught after his accomplice left him behind for failing to get on the bike on time


– Police has arrested a motorbike thief at Bantama in the Ashanti Region.

– They were two on a mission but after a successful operation, one couldn’t get on board earlier and has been grabbed by people around.

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– The other one has successfully escaped after leaving his accomplice behind.

Isn’t it interesting that two of you will go on operation and one will drive away leaving his colleague behind?, that was exactly what happened in Bantama when two guys went to steal a motorbike.

The two guys stepped unto the street with a sole aim of stealing a motorbike and it looks like they planned it very well to move immediately their operation click, one of them has carried his village witches along and was left behind because he couldn’t climb the stolen motorbike quickly.

You already know if the one riding should wait for him to climb before moving, that means the two of them will be caught so he was left with no option than to speed off and the people present at the scene quickly grab their hands on him and hand over to the police.

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