UK newspaper the Sun, features Nigeria Business tycoon Mompha’s six year old son who is described as the worlds youngest billionaire for owning a mansion and fleets of cars.


Nigeria has numerous billionaires and one of them includes the business magnate Mompha. Born Awal Mohamed Mustapha, the gentleman has had his son featured in UK most popular newspaper, the Sun as the most richest youngest kid.

The six year old boy can boasts of a magnificent edifice and a lot of luxurious cars. One thing about mompha is the fact that he has set the financial pace for his son to ride on, this is beyond being born with a golden spoon.

The gentleman was recently accused of money laundering and cybercrime by his home country commission in charge of investigating financial crimes.

In addition, a legal tussle involving millions of naira is ongoing between the gentleman and his company for allegedly indulging in cyber fraud and money laundering.

His son has still been recognized as the youngest billionaire despite all the accusations and counter-accusations against the business man.

Portions of the statement by the newspaper reads that the young boy Ismaila Mustapha has expensive cars like Bentley among others.

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