UK will not recognise vaccinated people from Africa


UK government confirm yesterday, 18th, September that if a person has been vaccinated in Africa, or South America, or countries including UAE, India, Turkey, Jordan, Thailand, Russia, you are considered “unvaccinated” and must follow “unvaccinated” rules …10 day home quarantine & tests.

Understanding, MULTIPLE countries are not happy with UK government tonight.

One foreign minister tells Alex Macheras: “In our first meeting with Liz Truss, UK new Foreign Secretary, we expect her to explain why our Pfizer jabs are supposedly different to Pfizer jabs in UK or Europe”.

Quite something for UK to take such a stance against so many countries vaccine rollouts…especially those countries administering the exact same vaccines as UK (Pfizer/AZ/Moderna/etc).

As we’ve come to expect, UK’s latest travel policy is as unnecessarily complicated as ever”.

Why is the UK taking such decisions.

The issue is not the vaccine but the documents proofing that someone is vaccinated. Those documents, particularly the ones coming from African countries, can be obtained by none vaccinated people. The logical action is to reject all since you can’t prove their authenticity.

The Argument

Some people people who did not understand the UK’s decision argued that, the decision is not Logical; “That’s totally illogical when you consider that UK has donated 817,00 doses of AZ vaccines to Kenya! Are they now saying they don’t trust the vaccines they gave out! Total madness”

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