Unexpected visit by Doumbouya to Guinea topmost universities causes massive stir among students


Research conducted indicates that a huge number of conflicts that has bedeviled the African continent stems from tribalism or ethnocentrism. Tribalism always comes to tear us apart and cheat us in our land and it is gradually destroying our beautiful continent. Corrupt politicians are always trying to play the tribal cards when they get elected into power and put their undeserving brothers at the top.

Africans need to rise up and see beyond tribe and ethnicity. George Orwell once said “those who correct the past, controls the future and those who control the future, corrects the past.” The current interim President of the transition team, Colonel Mamady is a very intelligent officer who has identified the main problem with most African including Guinea, his motherland and has decided to correct the wrongs.

In an unexpected move, he paid a visit to two of the country’s top universities. The unannounced visit astonished most of the students with many of them expressing how happy they were to have in their midst the coup maker and his entourage. The two universities which were honored by the coup leader were the Gamal Abdel Nasser University which is located at the capital Conakry and the General Lasana Conte University.

He was not alone during the visit but went along with the newly appointed female minister of Higher education and Scientific Research Dr. Diaka Sidibe. His security team accompanied him and it was really a wonderful scene to behold. The mission of the country’s leader at the school, was to deliver a simple message to them.

Students were advised to eschew tribalism and ethnocentrism and cultivate excellence. Tribalism has the tendency to destroy the country and cause serious hatred among Guineans hence the need to develop love among themselves as students. May God help him to succeed.

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