Unfollow Shatta wale now, he is reckless and disappointment to the youth; Kelvin Taylor advises his followers and jabs Shatta Wale


Video blogger Kelvin Taylor has asked his followers to unfollow shatta wale

When Europeans wanted to justify slavery and their inhumanity, they concocted a theory that black people were “inferior”.

It must not surprise you that they’re justifying the mess in the country by saying #FixYourself.

Oppressors always have a need to blame the victim for their oppression. History is our guide.

Some years back His Excellency Nana Akufo-Addo was amongst the forefronts of the “kume Preko” protest that rocked Ghana in 1995.
The demonstration was aimed at the Rawlings administration of high cost of living and particularly the imposition of the value added Tax (VAT) on items.

Today, protestors are being denied by other Ghanaians from exercising that same constitutional rights he enjoyed 26 years ago.
Today the military is use to intimidate the taxpayers.

Many celebrities have condemn in strong terms the horrible killings of two persons in addition to Kaaka’s death. They have posted on social Media platforms such as Facebook, twitter and Instagram.

Shatta Wale, Ghana’s dancehall musician posted in series in connection to the Ejura fix the country protest killings. He has castigated those involved and described them as foolish and disappointmented graduates.

Shatta Wale, surprisingly he stood in solidarity with Nigerians when Buhari and SARS unleashed terror on them. So what will make him denounce his own?

Fast forward, Ghana‘s youth activist and video blogger Kelvin Taylor has asked his followers to unfollow Shatta Wale.

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