US woman wrongly convicted of Murdër freed 43 years after a court found her innocent


A 63-year-old Missouri woman who was imprisoned for more than 40 years for murder, has finally been freed after servo g 43 years of her sentence.

The woman, identified as Sandra Hemme, had her conviction overturned after spending 43 years in prison for a murder she did not commit.


According to a report published by the Guardian, on Sunday, Hemme was convicted back in 1985 over a murder incident.

Hemme was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment for the 1980 murder of a library worker, Patricia Jeschke, in St Joseph, Missouri.

At that moment it was stated that the judges found her guilty based on her incriminating statements she made while she was a psychiatric patient.

However, a judge has now ruled that there is clear and convincing evidence that she was innocent of the crime.

Livingston County Circuit Judge Ryan Horsman on Friday ruled that “evidence directly” ties the murder of Jeschke to a local police officer who later went to prison for another crime and has since died.

The judge said that Hemme who has spent the last 43 years behind bars, must be freed within 30 days unless prosecutors decide to re-try her.

The judge’s decision followed a January hearing where Hemme’s legal team presented evidence linking the murder to Michael Holman, a former local police officer who has since passed away.

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