Use your brains, Ghana police, You are human beings, Not machines – A Plus


A Plus has has hit back at the Ghana police for matching to the independent square to prevent the fix the country protesters to demonstrate.

In his words; “When we say fix the country we mean, the government should allocate the houses at Sangleme to the police offices who live in a hen coop at the Accra central police barracks where all their kids sleep outside with their fridges and personal belonging at the mercy of the weather. Apart from selling ice block and pure water what is the source of income of some police wives? So all you want to achieve in life is free electricity in that 1929 one bedroom hen coop at Central? Come on my guy.

Instead of the police marching like zombies to guard the empty independence square to prevent people from protesting, you should rather support the protestors to put pressure on the government to ensure the completion and allocation of those descent houses to you and their families.

Use your brains Ghana police. You are human beings. Not machines. You work hard day and night. You are a human being who deserves a decent livelihood for you and your family. Your mates have gone on peacekeeping mission three or four times but you are still standing by the roadside taking one Ghana. Your promotion is due but somebody is sitting on it. Support us to #fixthecountry for you. Don’t be zombies “

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