Video shows Abigail speaking for the first time after performing at UK’s BGT


A video of Abigail trying to speak for the first time after her Britain’s Got Talent performance is going viral on the internet.

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From the way she spoke, it is obvious she has speech impairment and it was hard to clearly hear everything she was saying.

She introduced herself in the video and was asking for votes but for what program she needed the votes for, it was not said.

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She spoke like a child now learning how to talk and said, “My name is Abigail. I am 10 years old. Please vote for me. Thank you.”

The video has sparked a lot of reactions among netizens and someone commented that if she is able to speak, why did they lie to everyone that she can’t speak.

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What this person doesn’t know is Abigail recently received a hearing aid from someone and she is now able to hear so the speech will take time before it prefects.

See the video below.

Video credit: Instagram

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