Video:My Love For You Is Unconditional;Ali Of Date Rush Romantically Proposes To Shamima By Kneeling Before her


Ali and Shamima appeared on Date Rush

Shamima chose to pick Ali over other guys

-Fast forward, Ali proposes to Shamima in a romantic manner

Shamima told Anita that she (Shamima) is mostly attracted to SHORT, and hairy guys.

Then she was presented with four guys to select her kind of man from.

Shockingly, Shamima broke all the protocols of the episode and picked Ali who is neither short or hairy.

Ali is twice taller than Desmond. Ali certainly can’t be labelled a short guy.

Just can’t wrap my head around the reason(s) why Shamima settled on Ali contrary to her declaration for short guys.

Could it be on religious grounds? Out of sympathy? or she was simply on a hunting expedition for a GIGOLO?

Out of sympathy because I overhead her telling Anita that she went in for Ali because she thinks he (Ali) deserves to be loved too.

Fast forward, Shamima has accepted Ali proposal. Ali whiles Kneeling said “My Love for you is Unconditional.”May their love grow forever.

You can watch the video below;

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