Village people don locate the guy


An Egret recently attracted attention in Lagos after it refused to fly off the roof of an SUV which it landed on.

In a video shared by singer, Slimcase, the Egret was said to have perched on the car from the Lekki area of Lagos to Ikoyi.

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The musician had been driving behind the vehicle for the entire length of their trip and he noticed that the animal stayed on the SUV throughout.

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Slimcase then said that ”they should leave the car owner alone”.

Watch the video HERE

Reacting, sheistolla said_; Na free ride I wan dey enter now, I no wan fly again

misschidel; No be extraordinary things una say una wey the see ehthe eaglet don join una for the trend na

sugarboyzey; Country hard reach animal kingdom

Kevin_nonny2: Na village people ooo.. dem don locate the guy

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topetfo; The bird is too tired to fly, it’s enjoying free transport

thennamdikanaga; Monitoring Spirit came with it’s full chest. Lmaooooooo

justice_crack; Somebody grandma is protecting him Una dey complain police no fit stop that guy trust me



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