Vim Lady And Ras Mubarak “Exchange Blows” Online Over Achimota School Brouhaha


The Achimota School and Tyrone Marghuy issue is not dying anytime soon.

Former member of parliament for Kumbumgu constituency Ras Mubarak have clashed with outspoken Journalist Afia Pokuaa aka Vim Lady over the ruling of the court against Achimota School to allow the Rastafarian kids to be enrolled in the school.

According to the court judgement, Achimota were discriminatory to the Rasta students on their religious grounds and must be allowed to keep their hairs as their religion permit.

Ras Mubarak took to his social media to Expressed his disappointment of Achimota School who have said they are going for appeal to challenge the verdict of the human right court.

In his post, Mr. Mubarak said the conduct of Achimota School is more of pride than the well being of student with no regard for student right.

Vim lady on the other hand came in with a reply saying, nothing stops Achimota School for going for appeal since they feel to do so and that emotions should never rule over the matter.

However, she added while at it the student should be allowed to be in school while the appeal case continues.

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