“We call on Israel Nyame to fight our battles but Israelites are using missiles to fight their battles” Pop Skinny fires shot at Christianity


Ghanaian Musician, Pop Skinny has raised a good point that every Christian will be scratching their heads to find answers to.

As a country who believe so much in religion and Christianity to be precise, it is not a secret how much we look up to God for our problems to be resolved and one common term you hear Cristian prayers is “Israel Nyame” which translates God of Israel

This term has left Pop Skinny wondering why we call on God of Israel when we are troubled but the Israelites themselves have to adopt the use of Missiles in solving their ongoing crisis Against Palestine.

“I’m A Christian But This Doesn’t Really Make Sense To Me. We Call On Israel Nyame To Fight Our Battles, But The Israelites Are Using Missiles To Fight Their Battles. Tweaaaaaah” Pop Skinny wrote.

There are high tensions between Israel and Palestine after their long existing feud erupted again. The two nations has have been hitting each other hard with Rockets and other heavy weapons for some times now.

This year Israel launched airstrikes against Gaza, including many that is targeted at multiple apartment buildings. Since the rocket launches and airstrikes began, at least 122 Palestinians have been killed, including 31 children, while seven Israelis have been killed, including one child.

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